VT UCF is a reliable resource and hub for Vermonters to be the best possible tree stewards. Here you will find an abundance of information on proper tree care, applications for state funding to grow and maintain our urban forests, educational programs, and links to outside resources and documents. Our Vermont Tree Selection Tool is also available online.  You can sort by topic using the sidebar or use the Resource Hub below to explore by content type. Enjoy!

Find an Arborist

This resource helps you find an arborist in your area.

Fun with Wood Decay Fungi

Not all conks and mushrooms are created equal. Learn to identify a handful of the most common tree decay fungi, what they can indicate about what's happening under the bark, and how we can use this information in tree risk management.

Fun with Wood Decay Fungi

VT UCF Winter 2014 webinar presented by Isabel Munck, USDA Forest Service Forest Pathologist.

Good Tree Nursery Practices. Practical Guidelines for Research Nurseries

This resource lists useful principles and tips to keep in mind when preparing a nursery. Topics include: seedling quality, containers, substrates, fertilizers, nursery and plant hygiene, nursery environment and facilities, and nursery management. It also contains a section on useful internet sites to visit. In their own words the document, “provides a concise but thorough information on all aspects of raising high-quality planting stock.”

Green Cities: Good Health

Green Cities: Good Health presents over 40 years of research on the health and well-being benefits that trees, parks, and green spaces provide.