Tree Campus K-12

Tree Campus K-12 is a sister program to the Tree Campus USA, Tree City USA and Tree Line USA programs, and is administered by the National Arbor Day Foundation. As stated on the Tree Campus K-12 page, this program "inspires collaboration between schools, students, and communities to facilitate experiences with trees as a learning tool. The program encourages schools and educators to create purposeful opportunities for students to interact with trees by offering resources as well as a framework for becoming recognized and celebrating their efforts with their community."

Requirements for Tree Campus K–12 Recognition

  • Tree Campus Team: representation from staff, students, and community.
  • Education Plan: conduct activities that connect students to trees and their global benefits, inside or outside of the classroom.
  • Hands-on Experience: engage students in a project that brings the school’s tree spirit to the community.
  • Arbor Day Observance: hold a celebration of trees within the school or the community.

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